Interesting Scientific Insights Into Covid-19

In the spirit of sharing and promoting discussion, the piece below gives some interesting scientific insights into Covid-19.

Dr. John Campbell is broadcasting daily on YouTube about all matters relating to Covid-19. He is a strong advocate of evidence based decisions. He goes back to the actual scientific papers to check their authenticity and then links them to other developments. They are very enlightening insights. On Tuesday 2.2.21 he was talking to a scientist in Canada who talked about 3 very interesting studies. They cover mouth washing, an anti-inflammatory drug used for gout and vitamin D and their possible relationships to Covid 19.

Please see the video for yourselves (see below):

Lindsay, Canada Update posted by Dr John Campbell.

His broadcasts will give you a good scientific evidence based background into Covid 19 and correct any mis-information about the virus.

In the meantime, keep safe and thank you for being on our website.

Hope and Happiness

Four letter words are fundamental to our everyday communications. Although short in length, they often convey important concepts, meanings or descriptions. Too often we take them for granted or misuse them. Nevertheless, one four letter word that has strongly ‘elbowed’ itself into our consciousness recently is ‘hope’. The deployment of mass vaccinations against Covid-19 has been described as a ‘game changer’ in reversing the effects of this pandemic. More importantly it has brightened the collective mood and spirit. Hope is arguably the most portentous of words, as it surreptitiously provides the building blocks for positive actions and thoughts. For example, the birth of Christ, brought us hope for a better future and ways to achieve that goal. Hope also has the potential to change how we feel about the world and about ourselves. It facilitates a change of state and the expansion of positive feelings, such as happiness. Hope is an opportunity to grasp what makes us happy. However, that happiness opportunity needs nourishment for it to survive and help us to become more resilient. There are some things that we can do which will provide that nourishment by triggering various chemicals such as Dopamine, Serotonin, Oxytocin and Endorphin. A list of actions, per are shown below.

Catenians meet every month to eat and share stories. In these Covid-19 times, we have resorted to Zoom meetings. In our last Zoom meeting, we learnt that two of our great friends, Fred Kettell and Peter Blackburn, and stalwarts of Sutton Catenians, were booked in to have their vaccines. We were so pleased and happy for them. We gave them a metaphorical hug and joked about how they would cope with a vaccine pinprick. The chemicals were triggered and we all laughed together. In a direct way they have given us hope for the future and an opportunity to plan for happier times. 

Merry Christmas and a hopeful New Year to you all.

George Wheeler

Our Brother George Wheeler passed away on 30th November in Good Hope Hospital, Sutton Coldfield as a result of Covid 19. He had been a member of the Association for 46 years and was well known within the circle and provincial golfer. He was a friend to all and a pleasure to be in his company. May he rest in peace.

Update On COVID-19

During Covid-19, loneliness and mental issues have certainly increased. Feeling alone, isolated and unsure about the future is extremely common and concerning. Humans need each other to talk, to share and love each other. It may seem obvious, but relationships do matter and they do help people to cope and indeed enjoy life.

Before and after Covid-19, relationships have been under very strong endemic pressures. The internet, television, busy work schedules, family breakdowns etc have all undermined communities coming together. For far too many people, being part of a dynamic community is not a seen as a priority but as an ‘add on’ or when time permits. They are wrong! Like a well-functioning machine that needs oil, we humans need to be part of a community if we are to be healthy in mind, spirit and health. If we do not maintain and lubricate our people connections, we will deteriorate and squander our hope for a better future. Unfortunately, large numbers of people are ‘locked’ into their present way of living and can’t see a way out.

As the reader of this blog, you will have guessed that I am a firm believer in active communities. I am an active member of two very sociable and rewarding community groups; Sutton Coldfield Hockey Club and Sutton Catenians. I meet people of all ages and from various backgrounds on a very regular basis getting to know them and enjoying their company. The one community is based on a sport, whilst the other is based on a shared belief in Christianity and its central tenet of loving one’s neighbours. Sutton Catenians is a fellowship which does try to look after each other. It is also a fun organisation that recognises the need for people to have escapes from the pressures of life. It is a Catholic organisation but it is very inclusive and is very welcoming to people who want to make new friends. We facilitate ways for people to meet, discuss and play.

I urge anyone reading this to meet the friends you never knew you had.

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