Meet friends you never knew you had!

Developing social and family bonds for Catenians.

Fellowship with a common purpose.

Fun for all

Finding ways to support others

Faith to sustain us

Facilitating opportunities

Family inspired

Feeding our bodies and minds

Friendship building

The Catenians are men who practise the Catholic faith which guides all that they seek to do. They have pledged themselves to a bond of fraternal love which links them to each other. ‘Catena’ is Latin for a chain, and the title ‘Catenians’ exemplifies the continuity of the Brotherhood throughout the world.

What Do We Do

Monthly Meals

To help bond our members into a common purpose.

Money Raising Activities

Raffles, games and auction.

Sporting Events

Such as Skittle, Bowls evening and dog racing.

Who We Are

The Catenians are an association of Catholic laymen who are committed Christians seeking to enhance their friendships and family lives. We support each other, the Catholic Church, young people and those in need.

Our friendships are developed through meeting together locally as an individual circle ( branch) once a month and enjoying a varied programme of social events together with our families and the widows of members.

The Catenian association was founded in 1908 Manchester. It now have some 8,000 members in Africa, Australia, Bangladesh, India, Ireland, Malta and The Holy Land as well as the UK.

Latest News

November Meeting – Stories of Survival, Reinvention and Success

Sutton Coldfield Catenians had the pleasure of 2 speakers for the November meeting held on Monday 15th November – Dave Price and Mo Berry. Their stories were riveting and very relatable to the audience. Despite life-changing episodes, both speakers met people who invited them to completely alien events which were to prove the starting points forContinue reading “November Meeting – Stories of Survival, Reinvention and Success”

October Circle Meeting: Race Night and Awarding of 40 year Membership Certificates

Members of Sutton Coldfield Catenians together with their wives and guests enjoyed an exciting race night at their October meeting on Monday 11th October at Moor Hall Hotel , Sutton Coldfield. With several recorded televised races being shown there was heavy betting with winners and unfortunately losers! However much fun was enjoyed by all andContinue reading “October Circle Meeting: Race Night and Awarding of 40 year Membership Certificates”

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