An Evening with The Lieutenancy of The West Midlands

Sutton Coldfield Circle at its May meeting on Monday 15th May at Moor Hall Hotel Sutton Coldfield had possibly the most interesting and informative after-circle event for many years when they heard all about the work of the West Midlands Lieutenancy. Kate Canty Clerk to the West Midlands‘s Lord Lieutenant’s Office and Simon Topman M.B.E a Deputy Lieutenant gave a joint presentation on the origins , role, functions, and experiences of the Lord Lieutenant’s Office. Lord Lieutenants originated in the time of King Henry VIII with each county having a Lord Lieutenant being a representative of the Monarchy.

Simon Topman M.B.E  D.L  Deputy Lieutenant, Peter Westbrook Circle President, and Kate Candy Clerk to the West Midland’s  Lord Lieutenants Office.

However, over the years and by 1900 it had become just an honorary position, a militia, and not very useful. That situation has now changed today with the Lieutenancy’s main purpose of upholding the dignity of the crown and uniting communities in our particular area being the West Midlands. The present Lord Lieutenant Sir John Crabtree O.B.E has 68 deputies serving the 3 million people of the West Midlands, one of which is a Catenian – Chris Loughran of Solihull Circle. Deputies are appointed for their standing and playing some part in local communities and who can get things done. Also during the presentation, there were examples outlined of the arranging and undertaking of Royal visits some of which didn’t go quite according to plan. In all a very informative and intensely interesting evening with those present now knowing the important role of the Lieutenancy in the West Midlands.

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