What We Do

Fellowship with a common purpose

Fun for all

Finding ways to support others

Faith to sustain us

Facilitating opportunities

Family inspired

Feeding our bodies and minds

Friendship building

Our linked chain of principles which help us to be better people

Getting involved in the wider community

Facilitating new friends and fellowship

Visiting other groups (circles)

‘Being there’ for people in need

Mentoring and supporting our youth

Organising family activities

Actively supporting good causes

Regularly listening and, learning from each other

Remembering and praying for those we know who have died

Helping Others

Regular Circle Events

This list showcases what Sutton Coldfield Catenian do and offer during and following our monthly meeting and meal.

Annual ‘Cause Celebre’

An annual ‘Cause Celebre’ such as a charity we want support to various community programmes (e.g. School speaker competitions, seeking volunteers for events Etc). These can be inspired by the many presentations and talks we organise throughout the year.

Charity Talks

Charity Talks from various charities including one in Sutton Coldfield which assists street children in Africa to obtain a basic education.

Open Nights

Open nights to non-members with concerts, dances, competitions, challenges, etc. An example would be the Business Games Evening (see above).

Member Talks

Member talks including interesting places they have visited, hobbies, their businesses, their sporting experiences, their experiences on meeting new people. An example would be teaching and explaining origami to all our members (see above).

Money Raising Activities

Money raising activities such as raffles, games, auctions, etc. 

Monthly Meetings And Meals

Monthly meetings and meals take place at Moor Hall Hotel, to help bond our membership into a common purpose.

Presenting And Invitations

Presentations and invitations from other circles such as celebration dinners, dances and quizzes.

Presenting to The Midlands

Presentations on what is important to the Midlands such as Sutton Coldfield Town Centre Master Plan, the Commonwealth Games, the future of retail and the High Street and HS2.

Sharing Good News

Sharing our good news to foster the importance of being positive and vicariously enjoying others’ success and joy (e.g. new births, family successes, team successes, great experiences, etc).

Sporting Activities

‘Sporting’ activities including race nights, cricket, quizzes and golf as well as regular golf tournaments.

Supporting The Sick

Support for the sick and infirm by regular visits, telephone calls and financial support if necessary.

Supporting Young People

Supporting young public speaking competitions for schools, while organising trips abroad for public speaking adversities.

If you want to help and get involved, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us.

Examples of other activities to help facilitate a better life for everyone 

  • Cultural activities including, Theatre Visits, concerts, film nights, historic pubs, promotions such as Coventry during the Year of Culture, Historic houses such as Aston Hall 
  • Christmas Events, e.g attending the Pantomime to watch various types of musical comedy stage productions, designed for all family entertainment.
  • Academic activities, e.g. University of the Third Age Talks, talks given by leading academics on a wide range of subjects (at the local universities, savouring the delights of up and coming chefs at the College of Food
  • ‘Business’ inspired team games events to help trigger not only fun but those team skills which are so important
  • ‘Sports’ events such as Skittle and bowls, evening dog racing,
  • Visits to local businesses such as Buzzard Valley Vineyard, Jaguar LandRover, Aston Villa
  • Family Days out on the Seven Valley Railway,  West Midlands Safari Park, Drayton Manor, Black Country Museum, Wythall Transport Museum/ Aldridge Transport  Museum
  • Walks followed/or interspersed by a pub lunch/dinner (Canals, Sutton Park, National Trust sites etc.
  • Local Restaurant visits with associated food and wine reviews
  • Tours such as the Birmingham Canals, historical sites, literary journeys (e.g. Tolkein’s places in Birmingham), The Jewellery Quarter
  • Day visits further afield to Worcester, Shrewsbury, Warwick and Stratford Upon Avon
  • Weekends  Away e.g. Bournemouth
  • Visit to Christian and other religious places e.g. Oscott College, St Chads, Lichfield Birmingham Cathedrals, Churches of special interest e.g. The Oratory, Sikh Temple

” Sutton Coldfield Catenians offers a powerful tool of faith and friendliness that is shown through every single member of their circle. It was a memorable evening and I never laughed so much during the monthly meals and meetings. ”

Guest At Our Monthly Meals

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