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Sutton Coldfield Catenian Circle 232

Catenians are a vast mixture of people from all walks of life, and from all adult ages. There are men from industry, retail, education, construction and every sector you can imagine. We are all Catholics who try our best to follow Christian and ‘best practice standards’ in our lives…. not always successfully but we do aim to do so. However, it must be emphasised that theological discussions are not at the core of what we do. We don’t preach and certainly don’t judge anyone. Our diversity means everyone brings something special, which all of us can value.

Meeting once a month, sharing a meal and having an enjoyable experience is at the heart of our monthly routines. All of us like meeting people, listening to their experiences and having a good chat. Thousands of people have made new friends, often best friends in the Catenians. Having such a variety of people, means that we learn about things which never crossed our minds before, such as:

  • What is like being a fireman? A talk by a son of a Catenian
  • Wine tasting: by a Catenian who was an ex distributor of them
  • The history of different places: Holy Land, Lichfield
  • Experiences from exotic places: Parts of Japan by a Catenian
  • The challenges facing sports clubs: By a Catenian chairman of one
  • Creating and sustaining an award-winning school in Uganda; By the friend of a Catenian
  • Great pubs: In the Black Country by a Catenian
  • Cinema classics: Gangster films that we all enjoyed

We are just quite ordinary people, who belong to an organisation that enables good friendships and new experiences to flower. We use the old-fashioned word ‘fellowship’ to describe ourselves, but we are curious and open to whatever the ‘world throws at us’.

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