Interesting Scientific Insights Into Covid-19

In the spirit of sharing and promoting discussion, the piece below gives some interesting scientific insights into Covid-19.

Dr. John Campbell is broadcasting daily on YouTube about all matters relating to Covid-19. He is a strong advocate of evidence based decisions. He goes back to the actual scientific papers to check their authenticity and then links them to other developments. They are very enlightening insights. On Tuesday 2.2.21 he was talking to a scientist in Canada who talked about 3 very interesting studies. They cover mouth washing, an anti-inflammatory drug used for gout and vitamin D and their possible relationships to Covid 19.

Please see the video for yourselves (see below):

Lindsay, Canada Update posted by Dr John Campbell.

His broadcasts will give you a good scientific evidence based background into Covid 19 and correct any mis-information about the virus.

In the meantime, keep safe and thank you for being on our website.

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