Conversing With Atheists

Why I’m Still A Christian by Unbelievable?

There is a danger that many Christians shy away from having conversations with atheists or agnostics about the existence of God. All too often we are on the defensive and short of arguments to counter theirs. This is a great shame as we can have good friendly discussions which both sides feel are constructive, informative and beneficial. Listening to each other is a good thing.

Justin Brierley, does just this on his Christian radio channel. He is open to discussing this subject with anyone, including the arch atheist Richard Dawkins. He normally facilitates debates on a variety of subjects but in the video attached he is on his own and talking about why he is a Christian. This 35 minute video is well worth tuning into as he explains how to talk to atheists, giving 3 incredible reasons why there is a God. These are explained in a very clear and compelling way. They will reinvigorate existing Christians’ beliefs and make atheists and agnostics think very deeply about their intellectual positions.

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